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A new concept in security.

Different from products in the market, Secvoice now is the first to offer to our Clients the opportunity to have all software under their management.
Each time countries restrict more the use of secure VOIP service, sometimes prohibiting this kind of service.
Secvoice is designed to offer to our Client the option to have under his control his own Secvoice server.
In this way, we deploy the Secvoice Server software to our Clients to use it in a private way, each Client will have his own server.
We can install and configure the server, the server can be since a rented equipment that today can cost around US$ 20.00 for month and manage few users to a private server to manage 100.000 users.


  1. The Secvoice server is under our Client management.
  2. The physical local where the server is located is under our Client control.
  3. The access to the Secvoice server ( the software server) is under our Client control.
  4. Who is or not is allowed to access the server is under our Client control.
  5. Cryptographic keys generation for the server access are under our Client control.
  6. Option to not have any kind of log, including the suppression of the register of all Client communications.
  7. The Secvoice server administrated by our Client communicates only with our Client smartphones.
  8. Once deployed, the server will be entirelly managed by our Client, no way the server be remotelly disabled by us.