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Installing first Secvoice

Network communication:The Secvoice uses the internet network to communicate with another Secvoice user.
Phone calls:
Secvoice phone reads the states to try to minimize the problems that arise if you use your machine as conventional phone as well using the phone with Secvoice.
 Hardware controls:
Secvoice reads the microphone equipment and uses it just to encrypt the voice to talk to another Secvoice user.
Services that cost you money:Despite having to use some functions of conventional telephony the Secvoice at no time will be used for functions like making conventional calls or sending sms or other conventional text messages. Secvoice only uses the internet to communicate with other Secvoice users and using only the Secvoice servers.
 System tools:
Secvoice during a call prevents the phone from suspension to avoid interruption of communication services that could happen.

 Once installed, you can press the Open button.

 This is the first screen you will see at the first time you open Secvoice, to go ahead you must agree with the terms of contract.

This screen will enable you to request a new authorization. Fill it and request pressing the Request authorization button.

Once authorized, Secvoice will open the Login Screen, write the password and press the Open button.

When you open the main screen, the Messages button will be presented in yellow, meaning that there are new messages.

When Secvoice makes contact with the server and is authorized to use its services, on top of the screen, where is the name Secvoice, the bar turns green.
Press the Messages button. to see what messages have been sent to you.

Secvoice signals you with messages about what is happening, they are shown in inverse order of time.
In each message appears a link that will show explanations about the message.
Hit the "Back" button to return to the Android main menu, or the Close option that appears after trigger the menu in this screen.

Once authorized the use of services by the Secvoice server ( you will see the green bar at the top of this screen), you must register your contacts, each contact has its own ID (identification). In the above screen the User id is 236, a number that is shown on the right side of the Messages button.
To register your contact, you will need to know your contact's Id.
Open the Contacts screen.

The contacts screen has room for the registration of 40 contacts, for each contact you must register your name and Id press the Help link that is shown on the top screen in this case
Press the Save button and return to the main screen.

The next step is you select your contact to place a call.
Select your contact and press the Call button.

Once you press the call button, you will be taken to a screen that shows just the selected contact and asking for confirmation, press the Confirm button.

Once done ​​the call and the other phone receives a call, you are warned and a button appears at the top of the screen warning message.
Press this button to read the message post.

All messages of this call will be in yellow color.
Return to the previous screen by pressing the Return of Android or closes this screen using the screen menu.

Once the other user answered the call, will appear a button with the message: "Mute, press to talk", which is the button that allows to speak.
Press this button to talk.

When you pressed the button to talk, this changes this color to red and this color signals you that you are sending your voice, if you press it again, it becames yellow again and stops sending your voice.
Once you want to finish your conversation, close the screen by dragging the yellow button next to Hangup button Left Right and release.