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Users manual

Secvoice is a system that enables secure conversations with a very high security between our Secvoice users. We use the best encryption available in the market to allow secure voice communication for our users. Unlike other systems that use business telephony software to implement security solutions, Secvoice is designed from the begining to be a security system, all design is done with security in mind.

This desing allows us to offer to our customers a communication server with security that can be used for years without almost no human intervention. Once installed, if the hardware is running smoothly, our Sevoice server also works smoothly.
This means a very low maintenance cost.
We recommend to our clients the use
of a computer configured exclusively for use as the Secvoice server.

Our Secvoice server can scale to more than 5.000 users talking at the same time in one server, if we consider that in average only 5% of the total number of users are talking, our server can scale up to 100.000 users in only one equipment.

Our system
is designed to be fully supplied to our customers, this means that our customers receive not only the software to be installed in their smartphones, but also get the software to install in it server. This means that our Secvoice server once installed, the traffic used by our system will pass only thru our client equipments, it will be only between our client smartphones and our client Secvoice server under our client management.
This is a new concept that will bring greater security to our customers, because that way the entire management of our Secvoice server is under our clients control, allowing even if they choose not to have logs to record the communication done.

  1. Installing first Secvoice