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Almost every day we receive news regarding information security breaches and privacy invasion. Private and government sites are compromised, nobody escapes to the sophistication of hackers that use all their knowledge to break your security and then invade your privacy.

Because you need privacy, each day you are less able of using communications technology for private conversations or meetings and need to do face to face meetings and conversations, thus having an increased cost, which can lead to a full business stall.

We want you and your business to grow, having a low cost for secure and private conversations with your partners and customers.

Secvoice for Android offers a complete solution, giving our users full control over the phones, servers, keys and traffic, so your data only go through the networks and servers of your choice, with no third party handling your encryption keys or your traffic.

Secvoice for Android is also designed to be more resilient than usual to adverse communications conditions.

Secvoice for Android has strong cryptographic specifications, featuring a very high level of security and has even military organizations among its users.

Currently Secvoice for Android is totally free with full security to evaluation, at any time we reserve ourselves the right to interrupt this service.

We have
Secvoice for Android available in Google Play free to use with all security enabled, if you have a couple of Android smartphones, download our product.

Take a look at our users´s manual.
*Tests in BRAZIL, please contact us.