Help - Login screen.

This screen has the purpose of allowing you to access Secvoice. You will need to write your password to have access to our services.
The password encrypt the user authorization, without it you can´t access the Secvoice server.
If you lost your password, you will have two options:
  1. Access your Screen menu and choose the Change option.
This option must be used only by system administrators in the case of manually installing the user Identification and the access codes and verifiers.
  1. Chose Request Authorization from screen menu.
This option will open the Request Authorization Screen with the option Restore. You must have your User Id and your Authorization password. The Authorization Password is supplied by Secvoice support and allows you to restore your Id from our Authorization Server. The Id will be sent to the email account you wrote in Authorization Request screen in the first time you installed Secvoice in your equipment.

You can take a look at our Users manual.