Help - Customize screen.

This screen is designed to allow specific settings of Secvoice so it best fits your needs.

 LanguageCurrently two options, Portuguese and English.
 Ring on new call
If you're in a meeting, unchecking this option will not issue the Secvoice sound when you receive a new call.
 Voice authentication
If you are using a third-party server, your safety is assured with authentication by voice, to this leave this option checked.
Every time a connection is made, the screen show numbers to indicate a simple procedure that should be performed by users.
Each user must speak a number that is on the screen and hear the other number that also is on the screen, thus avoiding an attack cryptographic known as "Man in the middle attack."
If you use your Secvoice server, you can uncheck this option and this procedure is unnecessary.
 Display help
Each screen has a help, which is a web page with explanations on the screen in question. Since you already know the functioning of Secvoice, unchecking this option will cause the online help screen disappear.
 Answer only my contacts
Você tem a opção de apenas receber chamadas das pessoas cadastradas em sua lista de contatos; Se uma pessoa lhe chamar e não estiver na lista, com esta opção marcada, receberá um aviso que você apenas atende pessoas que estejam na sua lista.
 InvisibleWith this option checked, you'll never be on-line on the screen of other users.
 Server key index
Each server has, for each user, an authentication number that allows identification of this person.
This authentication is linked to a number shown on this screen. If by chance the server security is compromised, the system administrator might ask you to change this number.
 MicrophoneEsta opção poderá ser alterada apenas em casos especiais onde o microfone do seu equipamento não funcione.