Help - Request authorization screen.

This screen has the purpose of allowing you to send a request to our Secvoice Authorization Server to deploy your authorization of use. This authorization is your Identification number and a 128 bits number that will allow you to access the server and will help to protect your communication.
This screen appears when you are installing Secvoice at the first time.

The communication with our authorization server will be done in a secure way.

You have two ways to request your license.

  1. Requesting a new license.
When you request a new license, you will need to do that using this option: Request license: New.
This option will send a request to the Authorization Server asking for a new license.

Filling your request..
 Personal password:This password must be written twice. This is your personal password that will allow you to access Secvoice in your equipment.  If you forget this password, you will need to uninstall and reinstall Secvoice in your equipment.
This password is used to encrypt your Authorization in your equipment once received after requested, this password is for your personal use and security and it is not sent to our server. It is used to protect you and it is your exclusive personal information.
 Name:Your complete name.
 Email:Write the same email twice, this email will be used to verify your identity and we can use it to send emails to you.
This email must be used if you lost your equipment and needs to disable it sending to us an email requesting that.
 Authorization password:
The default value is ¨DEMO¨, if this passwors is no long valid, the server will notify you and will send instructions about how to proceed.
O valor padrão é ¨DEMO¨, se por acaso esta senha não for mais aceita, o servidor o notificará e também enviará instruções de como proceder.

  1. Restoring an license already used.
If you need to reinstall the product because you lost your authorization, you can request your already used authorization with this option: Request license: Restore.
You will need to know your identification ( The number that identifies you with the system) and the Authorization password. You must request this password that will be sent to the email you used to register at the first time your authorization.

After this screen appears, you will have the option to manually install your authorization if you have your identification and the 128 bits number and his verifiers. This screen is recomended for system administrators and if your company have its own Secvoice server. The access to this screen is allowed if you press your equipment´s ¨Back button¨.

Once in the Authorization screen, you can close the installation pressing again your equipment´s Back button¨.
At any moment you can call Secvoice and reinstall it again.